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Parrs Wood

Impact on Students

For our Students

A values-led approach

As a Trust we believe it is important that students benefit not just from improved teaching and extra resources, but through the opportunities available to them.

Our values drive the enrichment of their experience; we utilise the strength of our Community to provide students with the chance to embrace Creativity and pursue greater Achievements.

The value in partnership stems from going beyond offering curriculum enhancements, leadership roles, fundraising initiatives and enrichment activities in silos within our schools. Students involved should be able to engage with and learn from peers across the Trust who share their interests and passions, so we will provide a platform for them do just this.

We believe that this will help to provide children of all abilities with the skills, knowledge and understanding to enable them to become successful, independent members of society beyond our schools, developing their individual talents and the essential skills to enable them to thrive in a changing world.

Preparing for real life

It is important that students both enjoy and maximise their time at school.

There is an expectation that everyone will be involved in extra-curricular activity because this plays a crucial role in building confidence, determination and independence.

We want students to respect, support and learn from those around them. As a trust we will build the skills within our schools so that they can help students to become active citizens, whether that be as mental health ambassadors, climate activists or advocates of the LGBT community’s rights.

Entering adulthood in modern Britain, students must recognise the circumstances of those less fortunate than themselves. It is our role as educators to help them appreciate the issues facing people today, but also to give them a platform to help be the solution. We want them to raise money for local charities such as food banks, offer their time to help the elderly, and assist those without a home through initiatives such as Crisis at Christmas.