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Greater Manchester Learning Trust (GMLT)

Governance Structure

A Multi Academy Trust has three levels of governance:

  1. Members

  2. Board of Trustees

  3. Local Governing Body

GMLT is committed to developing forums for parents, community members, teachers and students so that there is a line of communication to the Trust and its Local Governing Bodies.

The Members are responsible for agreeing the overall strategic direction of the Multi Academy Trust (MAT), appointment of Trustees to the Board, acting as ambassadors for the MAT and as a check and balance on the performance of the MAT and its Board.

The Board of Trustees (and its committees) are responsible for the overall management and administration of the MAT and are accountable to the Members for ensuring clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction and related targets. The Board will hold executive leaders to account for the educational performance of the Trust and its pupils and the performance of its staff.

The Trust Board will also oversee the effective use of GMLT funds, the financial performance of the Trust, agree and monitor budgets and ensure its money is well spent. The Trust Board is equally responsible for ensuring appropriate governance and decision making, dealing with contractual relationships and ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements.

Each Academy will have a Local Governing Body which operates as a committee of the Board.

Members, Trust Board and Local Governing Body consist of the following highly experienced and knowledgeable professionals who are committed to uphold and protect the vision, values and excellent academic and social outcomes that we have been familiar with at Parrs Wood. 


  1. Justin Kelly

  2. Patrick Johnson

  3. John McNerney

  4. Richard Pearce

  5. Vicky Rosin

Board of Trustees:

  1. Suzannah Reeves

  2. Emma Caulfield

  3. Simon Ferris

  4. Liz Franey

  5. Bushra Jamil

  6. Simon Keogh

  7. Salim Khandakar

  8. Tom McDonald

  9. Mark Welsby

  10. Damian Owen

Associates of the Board of Trustees:

  1. Louise Staunton

  2. Mark McElwee

Trust Finance & Audit Committee:

  1. Carol Culley

  2. Simon Ferris

  3. Bushra Jamil

  4. Simon Keogh

  5. Tom McDonald

  6. Suzannah Reeves

  7. Mark Welsby

  8. Louise Staunton

  9. Mark McElwee

Pay & Personnel Committee:

  1. Bushra Jamil

  2. Suzannah Reeves

  3. Mark Welsby

  4. Damian Owen

Growth Committee:

  1. Salim Khandakar

  2. Tom McDonald

  3. Suzannah Reeves

  4. Damian Owen

  5. Louise Staunton

Local Governing Body:

  1. Emma Caulfield

  2. Deborah Roussak

  3. Jason Dobson

  4. Janet Marland

  5. Francis Markus

  6. David Midgley

  7. Abigail Sterne

  8. Mark McElwee