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Greater Manchester Learning Trust (GMLT)

Welcome from the Greater Manchester Learning Trust

Dear Parents,

Our Headteacher

As we arrive at the end of term I would like to share with you the news that on Thursday, following a rigorous process, a panel of governors and trustees agreed unanimously on the appointment of Mr McElwee as the permanent Headteacher at Parrs Wood moving forward.

Mr McElwee has shown resilience, determination and considerable talent in his role as Acting Headteacher and has maintained these qualities through difficult events outside of school and the challenges of leading a very large school and ensuring its continued development.

I know that myself, governors, staff are delighted with the appointment and am sure that you will be equally pleased to know that Mr McElwee will continue in his role.

Dr Dore, who has been acting in the role of Deputy Headteacher over the same period, will become permanent Deputy Headteacher from September, joining Ms Wright (Senior Deputy) and Mr Hill in that role.


Parent Forum

We have recently had discussions with a representative group of parents with the aim of establishing a parent forum for Parrs Wood. All parents are welcome to be part of this group, which will meet each term. Whereas the role of the PTA is to support events sand publicity, the Parent Forum will provide a partnership between parents and the school to discuss and develop what we do and how we do it. We invite parents to gain a clear understanding and contribute their thoughts and ideas about how we might improve key areas of our work to raise standards even further for our children.

The first meeting of the Parent Forum will take place on Wednesday 17th October from 6.30 to 8.30pm.  An agenda and further invitation will be sent to all parents in advance. 


Multi Academy Trust

Parrs Wood has been working alongside a number of primary and secondary schools to develop the curriculum and support key areas in order to raise standards and share good practice. A number of our teachers are now Specialist Leaders of Education, staff who are experts in particular areas and can offer guidance and support to others.  We also now have experts in the areas of business and finance which will help both our own school and other schools around us who are also faced with the challenges of reduced funding in schools. More of these SLEs will develop and we will continue to explore how children and staff at Parrs Wood can benefit from that work as it is undertaken.


Creating the future

In September a group of staff, a group of parents and a group of children will come together to design a new vision statement (a vision for the future) for the school and to link this to our core values of Community, Creativity & Achievement. Can I thank the parents who will be attending; we look forward to an enjoyable and powerful event in shaping the direction of our fantastic school.

In the meantime I would like to wish you and your families a safe and enjoyable Summer break. We look forward to having you back with us in September.

Damian Owen (Executive Principal)