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Greater Manchester Learning Trust (GMLT)

Janet Marland

Term of Office: 09/11/17 - 09/11/21

33 years of teaching and leadership in a range of primary school settings, including working in Germany in a British Forces school, and working in the UK in schools where 100% of the pupils have English as an additional language. Have led on safeguarding, curriculum development, maths, PE and R.E.

I believe that my experience at primary level will be highly relevant to establishing a similarly positive culture in Year 7 at a new school so that children have the best experience of transition that we can offer. I am a LLE and therefore have experience of supporting/mentoring others. In addition I have recently led my current school through expansion and a rebuild project and all the work that entails, such as setting up a learning environment from scratch and recruitment of staff. I have had to introduce and/or develop staff appraisal in all 3 schools that I have had led. This has been the single most effective way of dealing with competency issues and subsequently raising standards through robust monitoring and evaluation that is linked to performance targets.