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Greater Manchester Learning Trust (GMLT)

GMLT Mission and Value Statement

Our mission is to transform the lives of all those who study and work in our schools, through relationships which inspire confidence and aspiration; through experiences and opportunities which lead to future happiness and success.

The Greater Manchester Learning Trust is built around the core values of: 

  1. Community: “nurturing a community which works together providing mutual support and understanding”

  2. Creativity: “having the confidence to imagine, explore and express ideas without fear or judgment”

  3. Achievement: “fulfilling our individual and collective potential”

Those who work in our schools will embrace these values to improve academic and social outcomes for all students. GMLT schools have a duty to educate, develop and safeguard the students in their care as they would their own children, securing the highest quality educational experience for all.

GMLT schools will provide a learning experience to inspire a passion for knowledge and leadership. They will enable students of all backgrounds to acquire a belief that they have the potential to make a positive difference to their lives and to the lives of others. To this end our students will develop resilience, independence and the ability to work collaboratively with tolerance and respect, celebrating the diversity within our society.

Staff and governors within GMLT schools will ensure that educational outcomes and social development are strong and that there is an absolute commitment that no student will experience barriers to learning, nor a limit to their potential.

GMLT will develop educational, community and business partnerships to enrich the curriculum, provide opportunity and personal development and enhance students’ learning experience.

The environment of our schools will ensure that all students are safe, happy and successful. Our children will feel challenged, valued and supported so that they achieve their academic and social aspirations and secure their future in education, training and in their future working lives.